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COMPANY Overview

Breakwall Analytics uses a sensor-based data collection and analytics platform to deliver actionable insight to organizations that manage and maintain industrial assets. Our platform provides straightforward information with real-time metrics and customizable alert notifications. The platform is remotely accessible, empowering offsite managers to optimize asset use and proactively diagnose potential issues.

While the machines haven't taken over yet, the Internet of Things is here to stay... With over a decade of IoT development and design experience, the Breakwall Analytics team understands how critically important asset utilization is for an organization. Our Team is uniquely qualified to work with you to explore, assess, and implement solutions that provide cost savings and drive revenue by creating new sales channels.



For bars/restaurants, breweries, and grocery stores, beer and food waste is not only a cost, but also results in a significant loss of annual revenue. Breakwall’s cooler management platform notifies your cooler management technician or on/off site manager of potential concerns by actively monitoring air temperature, CO2 pressure, and glycol (supply/return/bath) temperature in real time. Our analytics dashboard is remotely accessible and customizable whether you manage 1 location or 1,000.


The level of use and the environment in which an individual material-handling asset operates determines its worth. For companies that lease, rent, service, or buy-back assets, Breakwall’s material handling platform can optimize overall fleet value by recording run-time, temperature, location, and impact/shock events that occur. Customizable dashboard analytics position you to consult with customers regarding under/over utilization, often resulting in new revenue opportunities.


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